EACYPAA brings the newcomer into the mainstream of A.A. Recovery, Unity, and Service through the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts for World Service of Alcoholics Anonymous, carrying A.A.’s message to the suffering Alcoholic. YPG’s are no way separate from A.A. as a whole. Members of EACYPAA are involved in and committed to all levels of AA. service, from the group level to the General Service Convention, and at every level in between. Newcomers are shown by people their own age that using A.A. principles in their daily lives, and getting involved in the A.A. Service structure, can lead to a lasting and comfortable Sobriety.


What Happens at the Convention?

There are meetings around the clock,  and various events throughout the weekend. The Convention is a chance to meet sober people from throughout the region and to establish lifelong friends and engage in fellowship.


It’s called A Young People’s Convention. Are There any Age Restrictions?

No. Everyone is welcome. We define ‘Young People” as anyone who still has room to grow. Alcoholics Anonymous has no age barriers.


What are Meetings Like? 

There are Step, Tradition, and Speaker meetings as well as open discussion meetings. We also have panel discussions where members share their experience on specific issues of sobriety. After the Saturday night banquet, a speaker tells his or her story. All meetings are open to registered conference attendees.


Are the Meetings the Main Purpose of the Convention?

Although the style or form of the program may not matter as much as the feeling and spirit that is present in the meetings.  They give us the opportunity to come together and share our experience, strength and hope with each other.  Meetings bring a sense of unity to the convention and in this atmosphere we find the fellowship, warmth, laughter and understanding we crave.


How Do I Bring EACYPAA To My City? 

You must meet the bid requirements and show up at the convention to put on your bid and hopefully bring the convention home to your city!


Purpose of Council 

The specific purpose of the EACYPAA Advisory Council is to further the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous among young people by: 1) sponsoring, promoting and producing the annual convention of young people in Alcoholics Anonymous; 2) providing information to the general public regarding the recovery of young people through the Alcoholics Anonymous program and young peoples Alcoholics Anonymous groups; 3) providing information to, and sharing our experience with, the Alcoholics Anonymous general service office (G.S.O.) on a regular basis throughout Alcoholics Anonymous.

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