Bidding Requirements

Bid Committee Responsibilities

In order to ensure that the Advisory Council can meet our responsibility to make a careful and informed decision during site selection, we have asked the bid committees to be responsible for:

  1. Sending the Bid Development Chairperson a copy of your bid package in PDF format no later than 10 days prior to the convention start date.
  2. Presenting your bid within a 20 minute window
  3. Being present in the bid room during posted times
  4. Having at minimum of three members present at the convention

Bid Requirements

  1. Bid committees must include in their bid package unsigned contracts from at least two facilities (hotels, dorms, etc.) adequately sized to host EACYPAA. The bid package must clearly indicate proposed dates, room night commitment, room rates, total room inventory of hotel, food and beverage commitment, and any other relevant facility information. We strongly recommend that EACYPAA begin in the months of March, April, or May. 
  2. Bid Committees are required to provide a lists of all major events 30 days pre- and post-convention.
  3. Bid committees are required to demonstrate that they operate in a manner consistent with AA’s 12 Traditions.
  4. Bid committees are required to demonstrate that they have read, understand, and agreed to the host committee responsibilities.
  5. Bid committees are required to include in their package an insurance policy quote in the amount of one million dollars.
  6. Bid Committees are required to produce a sample budget for the convention(s) they are proposing demonstrating financial viability, including registration estimates.
  7. Provide a minimum of one audio-visual quote for each proposed facility included in the bid package.  Quotes should include all equipment, service, and labor costs to be incurred over the course of the convention and be facility-specific.

Bid Recommendations

Based on our practical experience, the EACYPAA Advisory Council has compiled a list of suggestion.  This list represents what we would expect to find in a high quality bid.


  • Include a concise statement of why you are bidding including the achievable goals you have for the EACYPAA you are proposing.
  • Include a copy of your committee bylaws and structure.
  • Explain how your committee structure serves your committee, your area, and your goals.
  • Include a copy of the bylaws and structure that you will implement upon being awarded EACYPAA if it is different from what you currently have.


  • Attend the mid-year campout
  • Stay in regular communication with the current Host Committee
  • Stay in regular communication with the current Advisory Council
  • Help to outreach the current convention
  • Collaborate with other local groups
  • Collaborate with other bids
  • Take initiative to plan conference calls, summits, or events with any or all members of the EACYPAA community.
  • Learn the structure that EACYPAA uses.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your District and Area.

Bid Package:

  • Include a table of contents
  • Include a committee roster with the names, responsibilities, sobriety dates, and contact information for each member.
  • Include service resumes for members and the committee as a whole.
  • Include letters of support from the general service structure as well as other service committees whose support you will need.
  • Include evidence of collaboration with your Area
  • Include a detailed proposed program of events (POE)
  • Include something innovative
  • Include a detailed proposal for the mid-year campout
  • Include multiple AV quotes.
  • Make sure your AV quotes have tax and service fees included on them.

Logistics and Planning:

  • Develop a well thought out registration projection
  • Explain how attendees will get to the convention and make there way through your city from airports, train stations, bus terminals, space ports etc.
  • Investigate issues related to border crossings and international attendance
  • Provide potential resolutions to any challenges that may arise for attendees.

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