Bidding Requirements

  1. Bid committees must include at least three members who have at least one or more years of sobriety. We strongly encourage AA members of all ages to participate.
  1. Bid committees must include in their bid package unsigned contracts from at least two facilities (hotels, dorms, etc.) adequately sized to host EACYPAA. The bid package must clearly indicate proposed dates, room night commitment, room rates, total room inventory of hotel, food and beverage commitment, and any other relevant facility information. We strongly recommend that EACYPAA begin in the months of March, April, or May.
  1. Supply a list of any large-scale AA activities that are scheduled near the proposed conference dates in an effort to demonstrate due diligence and avoid conflicting with other events.
  1. Bid committees must present in their bid package a financial statement of all income and expenses demonstrating financial responsibility and autonomy with the sprit of the 7th Tradition.
  1. Bid committees must agree to the EACYPAA host committee responsibilities.
  1. Bid committees must present their bid within a maximum time frame of 20 minutes.
  1. Bid committees must prepare and include in their bid package, a statement of why they want to host EACYPAA in their area.
  1. Bid committees must include in their package an insurance policy quote in the amount of one million dollars.

Note: All bid packages must be submitted as a PDF no later than 10 days prior to the convention start date.

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